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At Siam Fertility @ Wireless Road, we provide services for the fertility treatment of various types. We specialize in personalized treatment to give an appropriate solution for each and every patient to make sure you receive the best experience having the treatment with us.

We understand each couple wishes to have a baby to fulfill a dream of completing the family. At Siam Fertility @ Wireless Road, we emphasize giving information and knowledge accurately and thoroughly by our doctors, nurses, embryologists, geneticists and personal assistants 24 hours to heal their fertility issue and their souls.




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About us

Professional Medical Care in Full Measure

Siam Fertility @ Wireless Road is one of the most renowned fertility centers in Bangkok, located in the city center of the capital of Thailand. With our specialist who has more than 10 years of experience and certified embryologists by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, we are confident that we could serve each patient to exceed the expectation. Each patient will receive intensive care by our Personal Assistant team to make sure every patient is taken care of in every step of the way.


At Siam Fertility @ Wireless Road, we provide our services with the latest technology and professional skills of our team; our specialist, nurses, embryologists and personal assistants. Starting from a careful examination for each patient to efficient diagnostics, these processes lead to personalized treatment to succeed the best outcome.


Why Choose Us

Having fertility treatment may be the greatest mission to complete the family. The couples need to make a huge decision to choose what is best for them and to exceed the best result. Siam Fertility @ Wireless Road is your best choice with many types of services to support your treatment smoothly and comfortably.

Top standard of Laboratory

Siam Fertility @ Wireless Road provides a system of embryo culture with class 10000 Clean Room where we control temperature, humidity, lighting and air pressure by applying HEPA Filter to create the most suitable environment for the embryos. In our laboratory, we use only Non-UV light which is safe for embryo development.

Latest Technology

At Siam Fertility @ Wireless Road, it is essential to use the latest technology to enhance the capability of our fertility treatment. We use Embryoscope Plus which provides the embryologists successive shots during the growth of each embryo with Time Lapse System technology and use Lenshook for the semen analysis.

24/7 Patient Care

Fertility treatments consist of many details and complicated steps. The treatment plan should be designed individually for each patient. The prompt response can maximize the treatment outcome. Our highly trained personal assistant will guide the patient through the treatment process and 24/7 be on call to ensure that the patient can go through the treatment safely and comfortably.


Our Services

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We have introduced the principle of family medicine, which means that the family practitioner will handle the majority of medical requests, with a specialists involved only if necessary.